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By: Jared Laberge St. Clements Heritage Advisory Committee – 08/18/05   St. Peter’s Church, Dynevor, is a distinctive monument not only in St. Clements, but in all of Canada. Built in 1853 in East Selkirk, Manitoba, it is one of the oldest stone churches on the prairies. The major significance of this historical building is…

St. Judes Anglican Church Grand Marais

By: Betty Linkloter Two acres of land were given for a cemetery and Church, one acre by George Rupert and one by Alex Knott. Grandma Marie Knott, Alex Knott’s mother, was the first one buried in the cemetery. Tommy Knott and Alfie Thomas were the witnesses of the gift. The church was built in 1896….

St. Peters Church (article 2)

ST. PETER’S CHURCH St. Peter’s Church, Dynevor, one of the oldest stone churches on the prairies, stands three miles north of East Selkirk at the mouth of Cook’s Creek. The site of the oldest Indian mission in Western Canada, the church was the only Indian church among the seventeen parishes of the Red River Settlement….

St. Peters Church, Dynevor

Researched and written by Donna G. Sutherland, Historian Where is the church of St. Peter, Dynevor? The Church of St. Peter, Dynevor stands on the east bank of Red River, three miles north of East Selkirk, at the mouth of Cook’s Creek in the rural municipality of St. Clements. It is the second oldest stone…