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East Beaches Heritage Wing grand opening

People passionate about sharing the story of the iconic Grand Beach and East Beaches area of Manitoba  partnered to create the East Beaches Heritage Wing.  Tens of thousands of people from all over the world have visited this award-winning museum. In 2015, the exhibit Putting Food on the Table received an Honourable Mention under Interpretation Canada’s Awards of Excellence and in 2016 won the Association of Manitoba Museums Award of Excellence.

Tucked near the bottom of the east side of Lake Winnipeg, Grand Marais’ roots are Métis. In the early 1900s the railway changed the community dramatically by building a world-class resort at Grand Beach.

The exhibits will encourage visitors to go explore the East Beaches area with a better understanding and appreciation of its natural beauty and diverse cultural history.

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We have raised $230,000 of the $265,000 it cost to develop the museum.

We still need $35,000 to reach our goal.

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  • Lake Winnipeg: examine the origin, ecology and health of this majestic lake
  • Our Roots (1700s to mid-1900s): early inhabitants of the then remote and rugged area and how they lived
  • Glory Days (1916 to 1960s): the newly-built railroad and a beach resort like none other in Manitoba beside one of the world's most beautiful beaches, changed the face of the area forever
  • Today and into the Future: what is next for the East Beaches area that now has a popular provincial park and thousands of visitors each year

Hours of Operation

Saturday to Thursday 10 am - 6 pm
Fridays 10 am - 7 pm

Contact Us

Mailing Address:

36058 PTH 12
Box 146
Grand Marais, Manitoba
R0E 0T0

Phone: 1-204-754-3596
Email: redrivernorthheritage@gmail.com

Contact us in the off-season through the RM of St. Clements at:

Toll free: 1-888-797-8725
Local phone: 1-204-482-3300
Winnipeg phone: 1-204-474-2642

How East Beaches Heritage Wing Came to Be

East Beaches Heritage Wing team[br] (L – R): Darlene Fisette, Laura Tutlies, Jeannie McDonald, Luise Avery, Sherry Dangerfield[br] Missing: Fraser Stewart, Gerry Miller, Christine Stewart, Donna Ilago

East Beaches Heritage Wing team[br] (L – R): Darlene Fisette, Laura Tutlies, Jeannie McDonald, Luise Avery, Sherry Dangerfield[br] Missing: Fraser Stewart, Gerry Miller, Christine Stewart, Donna Ilago

In 2004 the RM of St. Clements decided to develop the Grand Marais area as an international destination and launched “Destination Grand Marais”. Phase 1 of this initiative, the construction of a multi-purpose building in the heart of Grand Marais known as Grand Marais Community Central, was completed in 2010. This building is to be a gateway to the larger community.

The Mayor at the time, Steve Strang, asked the St. Clements Heritage Committee to create a Heritage Room to interpret local history. After reviewing proposals and securing grants, an award-winning interpretive planning team was hired to create a comprehensive 36 page Concept Plan.

A small group of dedicated volunteers including Luise Avery, Darlene Fisette, Jeannie McDonald, Gerry Miller, Christine Stewart, Fraser Stewart and Laura Tutlies provided the heart and direction for East Beaches Heritage Wing project.

The interpretive planners provided the skill to integrate and interpret this vision and turn the concept into reality.

Together this team created a truly special place. When visitors leave they will see the area through new eyes with appreciation and understanding.

This one room display is packed with information that will give a clear understanding of the past, present and future of the area and Lake Winnipeg.

Features of Grand Marais Community Central

  • Heritage Wing
  • architecture reminiscent of a train station
  • Travel Manitoba outlet
  • an aquarium which is a self-sustaining microsystem of the Lake Winnipeg and Grand Marais Lagoon area
  • plans for a primary healthcare clinic called the Living360 Centre
  • RV Park registration office
  • meeting rooms
  • public washrooms
  • RV Park opened in 2012 with 44 sites
  • walking paths, picnic benches and the future home of the Don Burdeny Memorial Park
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