Early Businesses

Farming, Manufacturing, Flour Mills, and other Early Businesses.

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Places of Worship

Discover the Spiritual Heritage of the region. Anglican, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic and more.

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Significant People

Learn about the families who contributed to the area and submit your own family story.

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Timelines for Province of Manitoba and the St. Clements area.

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River Transportation, Early Roads, and Railroads

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Present Day Communities

Some of the most historically significant communities and town are still thriving today! We have created informational YouTube videos and geocache sites to showcase these locations and let visitors explore the areas further. You can find the YouTube videos here, and the geocache sites here! More information on present day communities is being developed so check back often, or email us if there is information that you would like to see on our site at redrivernorthheritage@gmail.com.

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