East Beaches Heritage Wing

East Beaches Heritage Wing grand opening           Learn about the East Beaches Heritage Wing Project and its exhibits, how to submit an exhibit, and how you can donate.

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Our historic geocache project is still going strong with over 2600 visits made to the 24 heritage geocache sites in St. Clements.

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Distinctive Heritage Sites

We are lucky to have so many Designated Heritage Sites and Heritage Markers in our area. You can find them all right here!

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Walking & Driving Tours

Discover the rich heritage of the Red River North region at your own pace.

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Local Landmarks

            Check out some of our most notable local sites and discover the history they have to share. We have created informational YouTube videos and geocache sites to showcase these locations and let visitors explore the areas further. You can find the YouTube videos here, and the geocache sites here! More information on local landmarks is being developed so check back often, or email us if there is information that you would like to see on our site at redrivernorthheritage@gmail.com.

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