Birds Hill

Bird’s Hill was named for the Bird family, who lived here during the early days of Manitoba settlement. James Curtis Bird (c. 1773-1856) was Chief Factor of the Red River District for the Hudson Bay Company and was renowned for his knowledge of the region. In 1824, he retired from 36 years of Company service…

Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trails

Brokenhead Wetlands Trails can be located by driving north from Winnipeg on PTH 59, passing the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation by approximately 2kms, passing PTH 304 (Stead Road), and using the access road on the west side of the highway which is just south of the highway 12 intersection. The Brokenhead Wetlands Trail geocache site is…

Cox House

Built in 1862 by Robert Cox, Cox House is one of only two surviving Red River frame style houses in Manitoba still on its original site. Red River frame was an architectural style where walls were formed by slipping short logs cut with protruding tongues into vertical logs that had channels cut down their length….

Other St. Clements Landmarks

This easy-to-read Powerpoint PDF showcases many of the most notable landmarks in the St. Clements Municipality. Click the arrow below to open this document in a new page on your browser.