Woodrow School

Woodrow School District No. 1397 was formed on July 1, 1917 by an award of Arbitrators to consist of the following boundary: W 1/2 of Sec. 5, all of 6, 7, 8, W 1/2 of 17, all of 18, 19, 30, w 1/2 of 20, W 1/2 of 29 all in tp. 15-9E, and Sec. l, E I /2 of and NW 1/4 of 2, NE 1/4 of 15, all of 11, 12, 13,14,22,23,24,26, and 27 all in tp. 15-8E.

The petition (signed by M. Oneszuk and 16 others) praying for formation indicated there were 25 children of school age residing in the boundary requested.

Fred Otto was the Arbitrator appointed to represent the Munc. of St. Clements. Lac du Bonnet and Brokenhead also appointed Arbitrators (W.D. Halliday, M.J. Hoban, and Ceo. Paterson).

They met at Beausejour on Thursday, July 19, l9I7, at l:30 p.m. and did approve formation on July 27, l9l7 having met no objection. The date of formation was retro-
active to July 1, 1917.

ln March of 1939 they lost some land to the S.D. of Plewes No. 2293, when the following lands were detached: Sec. 22, N I l2 of 23, all of 26 and 27 in 15-8E. Then in Feb. 1940, the boundary was readjusted by bylaw No. 355 of the R.M. of Lac du Bonnet adding the following lands: W 1/2 of 4, E 1/2 of 5, all of 9 and 16
and the E 1/2 of 17, all in tp. 15-9E.

This was a Union School with land in three municipalities. As of 1951, it was split like so: Brokenhead Munc.: Sec. I, ll, 12, 13, 14 and SE of 2, NE 15, in 15-8E. Lac du Bonnet Munc.: W 1/2 of Sec. 4, Sec. 5 to 9 inclusive, Sec. 16 to 19 inclusive, W I l2 of 20, w ll2 of 29, and Sec. 30 in 15-9E. St. Clements Munc.: Sec. S I ‘2 o[ 23,24,25 in lp. l5-8E.

The school district was for a great deal of the time under the authority of Official Trustees appointed by the Dept. of Education. 1n 1960 a petition was received by the Dept. requesting that the district be returned to a local board.

In 1947 a petition to have the NW 25-15-8E transferred from Woodrow to Glenmoore, by Arbitration Award was not granted. It was a heated debate because one of the residents who lived in the Woodrow district had their children attending Glenmoore because it was two miles closer to their home. Another instance was children from
Glenmoore attending Woodrow and paying non-resident fees. The non-resident fees were not paid to the families, if their home school supplied the same service. Both Glenmoore and Woodrow supplied secondary school classes of Grades 10 and I l.

According to the 1954 Assessment Roll the following owned land in the Woodrow School District (St. Clements):

Wilfred Biedler
Peter Chorney
Mary Worona
Ferdinand Nerenberg
Stephen Yusishen
Peter Chorney
Alexander Pocaluiko
Michael Okaluk
Michael Pacaluko
Dominic V. Wgrjykowski 1921
Mrs. Lionel Dollingwood Chown l92l-1922
Frank D. Row 1922
David R. Falconer 1923
Emma E. Lewis 1923
R. Howard Standing 1924-1925
Mary E. Kondratuk 1925-1926
Hugh Robert McCaw 1926-1927
Frank Alexander Wachal192’7 -1928
John B. Quinn 1928-1929
Michael Krepiakewich 1929- 1930
Gretta Stange 1930
Rod L. MacDonald 1931
Mary Homan l93l-1933
Alexander Jack Nickolychuk 1933-1935
Casimir Hollinger 1935-1938
Robert Bruce Fahrig 1938
James Henry Kiteley 1939
Gladys Wojciechowski 1939- 1945
Edith Violet Kolton 1945-1946
Olga Kiedyk 194?
Edna Matheson 1948-1949
Elizabeth Gemmill 1949- 1950
Leonard Baumgartin 1950-1951
Peter J. Williams l95l-1953
Miss Esther Sanderman 1953-1954
Mary Jane Pennier 1953- 1954
Miss Helen Giesbrecht 1954-1955
Kathleen Gertrude Buchman 1955-1956
Mary Cecile Fortin 1955- 1956
Florence Bell 1956-1957
Joan Warywoda 1956- 1957
Esther Suderman 1957- 1958
Mrs. Joan Murash 1958- 1959
Elizabeth Moroz 1958- 1960
Harry Hryhorka 1960
Gerald Antymis 1961
Peter Smolarski 1961- 1963
Gladys Sigurdson 1963-1966
Annie Menard 1966
sE 23-15-8E
sw 23- l5-8E
sE 24-15-8E
sw 24-15-8E
NW 24-15-8E
NE 24-15-8E
sE 25-15-8E
N 1/2 and S l/2 of Sw 25-
NW 25- l5-8E
Karl Pachal NE 25-15-8E
St. Clements owed the School district about $640.26 (unpaid arrears) as of June 1944, These arrears were owing for a considerable time (depression) and a compromise was struck whereby the school district accepted $504.87, as payment in full.

Listed here are most all of the teachers who have
taught at Woodrow during the years 1918-1966:

H.G. Kawecki 1918s
John Goodwin 1919
Alice Santmeice 1919
A. Hnatation 1920
Samuel Baxter 1920

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