Victoria Beach School

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The Victoria Beach School District No. 1811 was Iegally formed on Dec. 6, l9l5 by bylaw No. 110 of the Municipality of St. clements.

According to the byJaw, no part of the lands included in the boundary of this new school district were a part of any other school lands. There were over l0 children of school age living within the boundary described as: Fractional or whole of Sec. 25, 26, N I /2 and SE I /4 of 27,34, 35, and 36 in tp. l9-7E. Fractional Sec. 30 and 3l in tp. l9-8E, and Fractional Sec. 2, 3, 9, 10, ll, 14, 15, and 16 in tp. 20-7E.

On May l, 1919 the Victoria Beach S.D. boundary was readjusted during the formation of Hillside Beach S.D. No. 1980 (bylaw No. 182, Municipality of St. Clements) when the N I /2 and SE 1/4 of 27 and the fraction Sec. of 34 in tp. 19-7E was detached from Victoria Beach.

Victoria Beach lost more land in Dec. 1921, by an Award of Arbitrators when they transferred land to Hillside S.D. No. 1980 (Sec. 25, 26, and 35, and fractional 36 in tp. 19-7E, and fractional Sec. 30 and 3l in tp. l9-8E.

ln 1939 they enlarged the school to a two-room facility and hired an additional teacher. Mary Beatrice Jamieson had been teaching the 1938/39 term and was replaced by Margaret Jean Gallagher and Viola Mabel Carefoot, once the expansion took place.

During the early 1950’s, the school expanded once again and the three-room structure underwent modernization with the installation of hydro, indoor plumbing and a furnace. This was a far cry from earlier years when the students had to add wood to the stove all day to keep the school warm during the cold winters. The caretaker used to bring the wood needed by the school and pile it neatly by the stove. Water was supplied by an outside welland the scholars used to bring in pails full for school use. There were also outside “biffies” for that necessity.

Although there was no electricity earlier the windows were large and allowed sufficient light for the school’s USE.

Someone wrote “there were some wonderful teachers, some of whom were local people. They helped a large number of children from the area go on to the professions and business”.

The Victoria Beach Schoolhouse sat on a site just east where the Fire Hall sits on the corner, near Hwy. No. 59 and Ateah. lt is said that the teachers taught Grades I to 11.

We list here most all of the teachers from 19l6 up to 1966, that taught at the Victoria Beach School No. 181 l:

Allan T. Burton l916
Elizabeth Ehman l9l6-1917
Vincent P. Murphy 1917
L. Neilson 1918
Christine Johnson l9l8-1919
C.M. Brandon 1919
E.N. Very 1920
Daisy Lorraine Walker 1921
Thos. E. Black 192l-1923
Geraldine Kavanagh 1923-1926
Winnifred Gertrude Shield I 926- I 927
Winnifred Certrude Thomas 1928
Gladys Lyle Simpson 1928-1931
hene Merle Riddell l93l – 1935
Helen Hendrie Terry 1935- 1938
Mary Beatrice Jamieson 1938- 1939
Margaret Jean Gallagher 1939-1941
Viola Mabel Carefoot 1939- l94l
Dorothy M. Slaughter l94l-1942
Frances E. Willard Gray l94l-1942
Ethel wilhelmina Bailey 1942-1943
Frances E. Willard Ateah 1942-1943
Mrs. Winnifred Certrude Thomas 1943-1944
Walter G. .Tose 1944
Vernon Lorraine Truinor 1944-1945
Lily May Nevin 1944-1946
Winnifred G. Thomas 1945-1946
Ernest Harold Ranson 1947
Vernon Lorraine Trarnor 194’7
Grance Anderson 1941 -1949
Enid Louise Jonsson 1947
Mr. Soren Barnhard Jorgensen 1948-1949
Anne Eleen 1949-1950
Margaret Alice Morton 1949-1950
Violet Phyllis Bell 1950-1951
Melvin Stewart Bell 1950-1951
Lena Shewchuk 1951-1952
Michael John Shewchuk 1951-1952
Mrs. Elsie Marie Neufield 1952-1953
Peter Neufield 1952-1953
Mrs. Evelyn Carriere 1953
Winnifred Gertrude Thomas 1953-1960
Paul E. Carriere 1953-1954
Steve E. Fisher 1954
Anita Rita Campeau 1954-1955
John C. Campeau 1954
Jean Clampeau 1955
Denis M. Babcock 1955-1957
Marina Lela Lester 1955-1960
Mrs. Gild M. Peterson 1957-1958
J.C. Balness 1958- 1959
Marina Chapel 1960-1964
Maria Merkatz 1960
H. Hryhorka 196l-1962
Vernon Lee 1962-1963
Roberta F. Phais 1962-1963
Mrs. Valerie Harrison 1963
John Harrison 1963-1966
Brian N. Orvis 1964
Thora Oliver 1964-1966
Sharon whyte 1964-1965
Winnifred Gertrude Thomas I 965- I 966
Margaret Lesperance 1966
Gladys Sigurdson 1966

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