Thalberg North School

submitted by Mts. Pat Goodman

This school district was formed on June 19, 1936, by order-in-council No. 717l36 and consisted of the following lands: the S l/2andNE 1/4 of Sec. l9,allSec. 20,2t, 22, 2′,7 ,28, and 29, the NW l/4 0f Sec. 26,E 112 of Sec. 30, the S I /2 of Sec. 32, S I /2 of Sec. 34, SW ¼ of Sec. 35, in tp. l6-8E, and S I /2 of Sec. 33 in tp. 16-88.

These boundaries were effective as and from July 1, 1936.

The boundaries were readjusted by an award of Inspector H. Connolly on Jan. 30, 1939, he detached the SW I /4 of Sec. 32 in tp. 16-88 and added that land to the cull Lake S.D. No. 2269, effective as of Jan. 1, 1939.

There were some members of the area who wanted to transfer the N l/2 of Sec. 32 of Tp. 16-8E, from Brodie S.D. No. 1854 to North Thalberg S.D. No. 22’70, but their request was not granted. This School District was dissolved as of Jan. 1, 1968 and absorbed by the Agassiz School Division No. 13, by order of the Minister of Education.

We would like to share some pictures of the Thalberg North School District No. 22?0 and also a list of teachers, who taught at the Thalberg North School:

Mary Kathleen Waychok 1936-1939
Walter Charlie Malenchak 1939- 1941
Anthony Alphonse Allegaert l94l-1942
Peter David Tymchuk 1942
L.R. Rogozinsky 1943
Jennie Eugenia Senicle 1943-1946
Eldora Ann Reicksiedler 1947
Doris Vivian McJohnston 1947
Evan Nelson Still 1941-1948
Isaac Froese 1948
Catherine Lesosky 1948
Orest Laurent Shewchuk 1948
Kenneth Conrad Norell 1949
Herbert Fransen 1949-1950
William Ferens 1949-1955
Gloria Kuhn 1950-1951
Catherine Lesosky 195 1-1952
Tiena Victoria Warkentin 1952-1954
Catherine Lesosky 1954
Verla Lewis 1955
John Morris Stokotilny 1955- 1956
Sonia Pauline M. Podolsky 1955-1956
Harry Shafransky 1956-1959
Laura J. Thorarinson 1956-1957
Miss J.I.E. Lacey 1957- 1959
Miss Julia M. Thorarinson 1959-1960
Verna Nellie Funk 1960-1961
Miss Margaret Klassen 1960-1961
Adolph Richard Rattai l96l-1963
Henry Warkentin 1963-1964
Dennis Kozak 1964-1966
Ed L. Patzer 1966

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