Shefield School

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The Sheffield S.D. No. 1976 \,as formed on April l, 1919 by bylaw No. 180 of the R.M. of St. Clements, and consisted of lands described as: Sec. 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 16, in tp. l6-6E and the Nl /2 of 32, Nl /2 of 33,
Nl/2of 34, N1/2 of 35, all in tp. 15-6E.

Councillor Marko of the R.M. of St. Clements introduced the bylaw at a regular monthly meeting of March 4, 1919 by Res. No. 43 and it was given 3 readings
signed and sealed by the April l, 1919, council meeting.

The schoolhouse was tendered by July 4, l9l9 and the plans and specification were on view at the office of the Munc. of St. Clements. The School Board of Sheffield day she called out in Icelandic, “Is that you BJOSSI, Minn”, thinking it was the hired man from across the road at the Holmes farm. It was only an old black horse. ”

Finally, Bina says, “we never knew, when we attended a dance at the Sheffield School, who would ask to walk us home after the dance. One winter. l\\o young men, who lived quite near the school, would faithfully walk my sister and I home. They trudged through deep snow beside us so we could walk on the track. When we arrived home they shook hands with us, offered us gum and said “sweet dreams”. Then they turned and made their way home through the snow and cold. “They were true gentlemen, indeed!”

Sheffield School, I 927. had agreed to furnish all materials except the painting ofthe building.

Wlm. Gayleard was the first Sec. Treas. and he supervised the building of the new Sheffield School which was located about I 1/8 miles east of the original Poplar Park School. Along with Mr. Gayleard (Billie Jr.) one of the first trustees, was Einer Guttormson. The first school teacher was Rebecca Knelman.

ln 1951/52 indoor chemical toilets were installed. In later years students could take Grade 9 and 10 by correspondence, but they had to attend school to do their

The boundaries of Sheffield seemed to remain un touched over the years and didn’t go through much tug and pull.

Some of the Sec. Treas. and trustees over the years besides Mr. Gayleard and Einer Guttormson were: Michael Chanas, S.E. Woodward, and Harry Bolton.

Here for your information is the list of teachers who taught at Sheffield from 1919 up to the time of consolidation.

Bina Bolin ‘hare,, with us a law memories. Concerning the social side of Sheffield School. She says: “l remember the night of my first dance. I was sitting shyly
between my parents watching the dancers, my hair in braids, when Vera, the youngest Bolin girl noticed I was not having a very good time. She took me upstairs, undid
my braids, combed my hair out, and ride it back with a large white bow. Then Vera put make-up on my face and we returned to the dance. ”

Bina feels the change in hair style plus make up worked wonders because she received many invitations to dance. “First I reluctantly agreed to dance a waltz, with Leo Halpin, then a Heel and Toe with Barney Guttormson, as well as a Square Dance with Halli Goodman. I think I learned how to dance every popular dance that night,” said Bina.

Bina remembers with fondness, Soffia Goodman, and her son Halli, who lived about I /4 mile south of Bina’s home, in what was called the Simandson’s shanty. Bina says, “Soffia Goodman was a little old lady with big blue eyes, a turned-up noqe and a little knob of white hair, on top of her head. She was fearless. One dark night in summer, Soffia heard a noise outside and without hesitation she went out to investigate. I remember to this

Lillian Susanna N,lcconell 1929 1930
Walter Ambrose Dales 1930- 1933
Stephen Edward Radonsky 1934- 1935
Ellen May Fuller 1935 1937
Francis Margarer Bell 1937 1938
Jessie Osraff l9l8 l93S
Mrs. Jessie H. Quesncl 1939-19,10
Clement Nester Sochasky l94l
Rosic ALexandra Rozecki 19,11 1942
Clcmenl Nesier Sochask”! 1942 1943
Anlhony Malliniuk 1943 1944
Calheine F. Anderson 1944
Helen Elaine Kolralo lg45
MaryMosquin 19,15-1946
Emil Joseph Borsa 1947
Mrs- Bealrice Sood 19,17 1948
Mr. Henr,v lvloroz 19,+8- 1949
John Morris Stokotilany 1949
Peler James Perehinzuk 1950 l95l
Alvina Bartley Campbell l95l
Artha Marjorie Coulet 1952
Artha Marjorie Anderson 1952-1954
Donald Nick Leftruk 1954 1955
Meroslava Horbas 195 5 1957
Susan Letandre 1957- 1958
Miss Florence Morris 1958-1960
Mirs Verna Ungrin 1960-1962
JoanShelfontiuk 1962’1965
Mrs. L. Feniuk 1963’1965
Metro Lysiachuk 1965 1966
Russell Prociuk 1966
Rebecca Knelman 1919,1920
Thorun Sigurdson 1920 l92l
Mrs. M. Brolvn I921
BcrtinaErlendson 1922-l923
Bessie Knelman 1923
Helga Sigurdson 1924
Eliza Lillian Scotl 1924
Mabcll. GiLlespie 1925
Kate ALice Surrer_ 1925-1926
Muriel Fleming 1926- 1927
Florence Bro$n 1927
Ellen Lousie Leask 1928
Hannah Balfour 1928-l828
Picnic at Sheffield Schoot in the

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