Trip 1 on the Keenora

July 21

The trip on the Keenora was a beautiful trip.  When we left there was not a cloud in the sky.  On the dock stood Mrs. Brady and her son Billy, Mrs. Johnson and her three girls and Mom and Dad.  On the Keenora our room was number eight.  In the room was a bunk.  I slept on the top, and Aumma slept on the bottom bed.  On the trip the Loo Berger passed us.  We put the lights out at 10:30.  


July 22

The breakfast bell was rung at 6:15 am, which woke us up.  The day was cool and cloudy but smooth sailing.  During the night Aumma and I woke up and the boat was rolling a little.  I went down in the engine room with Poppa.  Then we went below and he showed me the steam engine and light engine.  We stopped at Gull Harbour and passed Grindstone point.  At 9 am we passed Bull Head.  

I had two pieces of toast, milk and grapefruit.  

We docked at Pine dock about 10:10 am and left 10:20 am.  It started to rain at 11:15 am.  We got to Mathesons Island at 11:45 am and left 12:15 pm.  For dinner I had meat, cabbage, potatoes, milk, soup, pickles, bread, and jelly and banana cream pie.  Then we rested in our bunks for an hour.  Right now at 2:50pm there are white caps on the water.  The wind is getting a little stronger so the boat is rolling a little.  At 4:50pm there are large gulls following the boat.  Right now at 4:50pm we are passing two fishing boats.  At 4:50pm the man that sweeps the deck is going past our bedroom window.  At 4:55pm we are passing a very long island, which has a house or something.  It has white walls and a red roof.  Right now at 5 o’clock pm Aumma is sitting in the resting room and looking out the window.  In the resting room lies a little boy, he was in Winnipeg Childrens Hospital for two months and they cannot do anything for him.  He is four years old and a nurse is taking him home to Norway House.  At 5:30pm we are rolling a little more.  We have just looked into Poppa’s room and he is still sleeping.  I am standing by the engine room writing on the fence.  It is 6:30pm and we are docked at Berens River.  It has calmed down now.  At 7:30 pm we left Berens River.  It is smooth riding now.  

Now it is starting to roll and people are getting seasick.


July 23

Last night I had pineapple juice, peas, carrots, and wieners.  We stayed at Berens River for the night because the storm was too big and we had to turn back.  I was not afraid because Poppa was down below looking after the engine.

Only six passengers had their breakfast this morning.  For breakfast I had toast, milk, and grapefruit.  I saw some pelicans this morning.  For breakfast I had toast, milk, and grapefruit.  At 9:50 am we passed a buoy.  At 9:50 am we passed George’s Island with the lighthouse and the house where the man was recused.  When we passed George’s Island the lake is sixty miles across.  It is the big part of the lake.  Poppa gave me a piece of cake, an orange, and a cookie.  I had no dinner because I was not hungry.  We are starting to roll at 1:30 pm.  Poppa said we should reach Warren’s Landing at four o clock or five o clock, Aumma is lying down now and I am sitting on the little chair beside the bed.  Aumma is a little seasick but is getting better. While sitting here, in the next room they are knocking on the wall or else they are making a noise.  In our room there are three lifeboats.  If the whistle blows one long blow and one short blow and one short blow that means go to the boats, one long blow and two short blows means fire or fire drill.  Now at 10 to 2 I am going to go down to the engine room even if Poppa is not down there.  Now I have come up from the engine room and I am going to play with the cars.  I am glad to say I have not been seasick so far.  Now I am going to try to beat the devil, Aumma just got up.  I think we are going to go out on deck.  We got to Warrens Landing at quarter to 5.

At Berens River, Mrs. Oddson got on the boat.  Aumma went over to see Mrs. Jardine for a few moments.  Poppa and Aumma and I had lunch at 10 o’clock.  Aumma and I had blueberry pie and milk and Poppa had meat sandwiches and coffee.  After lunch they had a square dance with the piano and violin, I had Pork chops, potatoes, beans, milk, pears, and a cookie for supper.


July 24

I had bacon, toast, grapefruit and milk.

Thursday morning was up at 7 am.  Aumma wished me a happy birthday, and I got washed and dressed.  The weather was cloudy but calm.  Stepped on the Chickama at 7:30.  Left Warrens Landing at 8 am.  Stopped at Playgreen Inn, to leave some freight and docked at Ross Ville and unloaded freight.  Stopped at Hudson’s bay store at Norway House and had a picnic lunch, near the oldest I+B Carpoznarko a Mandient which was exacted 1937 we sat on smooth rocks that circled the table, loaded with meat and egg sandwiches and cherry and raisin pie, tea and coffee.  On the way to the boat, we stopped at the store and bought souvenirs, and on the way back we stopped at Playgreen Inn for 30 minutes, saw Thora and sat in the living room till the boat left for Warrens Landing.

A little rain and chilly going back, we arrived at Warrens Landing at 5:15.  I had chicken, potatoes, apple juice, milk and salad with dressing.


July 25

I was up bright and early to see the sunrise at 5 to 6.  The boat was a little late at Grand Rapids because it was a little foggy.  I had milk, toast and grapefruit.  I had meat, potatoes, carrots, milk, and peach pie.  I had a _______ this afternoon.  I had meat, potatoes, beans, milk and raspberry pie and after supper we saw two boats, 4 baby ducks, and 3 pelicans.


July 26

I had pancakes, milk, toast and grapefruit.  Left Selkirk at 5 pm, mouth of the river 11 pm


July 22

Arrived at Hecla 5:05.  Left 5:15.  Arrived at Grindstone Point 7 am.  Arrived Pine Dock 10 am.  Left 10:25 am.  Arrived Matheson Island 11:25 am and left 12:25.

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