Mayfield school (directly east of #59)

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researched by slh

The Mayfield S.D. No. 1473 was formed Sept. l, 1908, to consist of the following lands, Sec. 7, N I /2 of 8, W l12of 16,l’7,18, 19, 20, 21,28,29,30, fractional 32, 33 in tp. l3-6E, and Sec. E I /2 13, fractional 24, E I 12 of fractional 25 in tp. 13-5E. These boundaries were readjusted Dec. l, l9l0 by adding the following lands: Sec.3l,intp. l3-6, S 1/2of 36intp. l3-5 and portions of Sec.32,29, and 30 in tp. l3-6, and Sec. 25 in tp. l3-5E,
which were therefore included in St. Peters Indian Reserve.

On May 25, 1912, a board of arbitrators readjusted the boundaries by detaching Sec. 7, 18, in tp. 13-68. and E ll2of 13, in tp. 13-5E.

A further readjustment was made April 6, l9l5 when the W I /2 of Sec. 25, in tp. l3-5E was detached and the N I /2 of Sec. l6andNE I /4 of 36 in tp. l3-5Ewasadded.

This school district was dissolved on Jan. 1, 1966 when all lands were transferred to the Consolidated School District of Happy Thought No. 1452.

On Jan.22, 1909, the ratepayers of Mayfield S.D. held their first meeting and elected Mr. Wm. Charles Kenny, as Sec. Treas., George Knight as Chairman, and Alex Dixon and Jack B. Burnett as trustees.

Mr. A.C. Emmert donated the land, SW l/4 of Sec. 29-13-6E, where the first schoolhouse was erected under the direction of Wm. C. Kenny and built with volunteer
help. A meeting was held at the home of Wm. C. Kenny on March 30, 1909 where it was passed that the school district borrow the sum of $1700.00, by the issue of and sale of ten debentures each for the sum of $170.00. The debentures were payable on June l, for ten consecutive years starting on June l, 1910.

The school was opened for the Spring term of 1910 and the enrollment was 32 children, 12 boys and 20 girls in Grades 1 to 8.

The country school was usually the social spot of the community, Mayfield, was no different. This school was used for dances, box socials, card games and 4-H and
agricultural meetings. A concert, box social and dance is reported to have been on Feb. 25, 1910 where $81.00 was raised (from the sale of lunch boxes) which went for the school, and improvements. It is reported the dance lasted until 5 a.m.

On Nov. 9, 1917 the Home Economics Society of Selkirk (the co-coordinators of the war effort in Selkirk, St. Clements and St. Andrews) acknowledged with thanks the sum of $157.30 received from Miss Dixon from Mayfield, S.D., proceeds from the Necktie Social, followed by a dance at Mayfield Schoolhouse.

In the fall of 1919, the Agricultural Representative, Mr. New combe, of Selkirk, offered a prize for the best essay on “Sheep”, to be written by the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs, of Selkirk and surrounding munc. The results of the judging were issued on Aug. 20, 1920 showing Charlie Kenny placed 4th, and Gordon Burnett placed 5th.

This schoolhouse, that was built in 1910, was destroyed by fire in Dec. of 1952. From Jan. to June, the children other area were transported to Happy Thought School in East Selkirk.
The new schoolhouse was ready for use by the fall of 1953. After consolidation with Happy Thought, this school building continued to be used in the district as a social gathering place.

During the time of the Mayfield S.D., there was a yearly average of 22 pupils from grades I to 8. The teacher’s salary varied from $620.00 in 1911, to $3800.00 in 1965. At the time of consolidation the trustees were: Mike Komadowski, Ralph Martin and Hugh Burnett, with Joe Shumilak as Sec. Treas., a position he held from 1947 to 1965.

Here is a list of most all of the teachers who taught at
the Mayfield S.D. No. 1473:

Stella C. Kelly 1910
Annie E. Loutie l9l I
Margaret B. Mcleod l91l-1912
Lyle Mary Deagan l9l2- 1913
Emily J. Tauner l913
Lewis McGuire 1914
Phoebe Anderson 1915- 1916
Ethel Dickson 1917
Elin Gudmundsson 1917- 1918
Gertrude Rodin 1918- l9l9
Blanche Leask 1919
Margaret Trick 1920
Marjorie Green 1920
K, Robertson 1920-1921
Mary E. Taylor l92l
Delmar Erikson 1923
J,P. Soimundson 1923 -1924
Vera Hutcheon 1924
Ruby Steele 1925
Lillian B. Moar 1925
Jane Jamieson Gordor. 1926-1921
Olive Margaret Wall1927 -1929
Reta Willamina McNeil 1929-1930
Evelyn Margaret Strain 1930 1932
Robert McElroy 1932-1936
Helen Beatrice Bowley 1936-1938
Zelma Sanforelta Tyndale 1938-1939
Mary Janet McClellan 1939
Mabel J. Scott 1940
Louise Nellie Violet Yestrau 1940-1943
Jennie P. Bereziuk 1943
Herra Krahn I 944
Peter Drabyk 1944
Benjamin Franklin Privat 1945
Lauretta May Hiebert 1945
Harry Hryhorka 1946
John Ceorge Bodnaruk 1947
Sophie Julia Galka 1947- 1950
Steffie Eva Sawchuk 1950-1951
Esther Lorraine Matthes 1951-1952
Mrs. Helen Elaine Witko 1952-1956
Mynle Eva Wianiko 1956- 1958
Lena C. Basiuk 1958- 1962
Lorraine Doris Kazina 1962-1964
Janet E. Bailey 1964-1965
Mrs. Frederick B. McKim 1965-1966

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