Lilydale School, Wakleyburg

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Lilydale School district was formed on May 6, 1904 by an award of Arbitrators appointed by the Municipality of Brokenhead and St. Clements and Inspector Best. The boundaries were readjusted from time to time but as of May 21, 193’7 they. included: S of 34, in tp. l3-6E, NW 1/4 of Sec. 2, Sec. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, the W I /2 of Sec. 15, Sec. 16, 17 and l8 in tp. 14-6E.

At the time of formation this school district was known as Walkleyburg, named after James Walkley, one of the first pioneers in that district. The school name was changed to Lilydale in 1919. The first school was officially opened for the Spring term of 1906, with an enrollment of 20 students, I 5 boys and 5 girls. Board members at that time were Bill Chapel, Fred Chappel and Arnos Allen.

In 1966, when Lilydale consolidated with Happy Thought there were I I pupils, 5 boys and 6 girls. During the years, there had been an average enrollment of 17 pupils.

ln 1966, the trustees for the Lilydale School District were: Walter Gerylo and Mike Harrison, Tony Kostiniuk was chairman and John Chorney was the Secretary- Treasurer.

The school building until 1944, was a 135 sq. ft. frame building. In 1950, the school was a frame building with red insult-brick. On July 27, l9ll,theschoolboardasked for $690.00 for the following school year of 200 days, for operating expenses. This would include school up-keep, and teacher’s salary. The teacher’s salary increased from Lilydale School, 1915.

$840/year in 1943, to $3000/year in 1966. ln 1949, the rate of board paid by the teachers was $25.00/ month. Besides the regular classes, there was always a bit of
religious teaching, such as bible stories, teaching of the ten commandments and moral principles were taught. School always began or closed with prayers. It has come to our attention that one of the former pupils of this school was Mrs. Sophie Klim. Mrs. Klim
tells us that a former teacher of hers, Alice Clouston, married Walter Anderson and remained a part of this community.

In 1920, Mr. Newcombe, the Agricultural Representative from Selkirk, offered a prize for the best essay on “Sheep”, to be written by members of the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Selkirk and the surrounding Municipalities. When the judging was finished standing
were as follows: 1st, June Anderson, of Walkleyburg School,2nd, Lila Flett of Walkley School, 3rd, Nellie Anderson of Walkley School, 4th and 5th prizes went to Mayfield School children.

A fire occurred at Lilydale School, on Thursday Sept. 23, 1926, while the school was in session, around 10:30 a.m. The fire was started from either the stove pipes or the chimney. A number of children noticed smoke, the teacher got everyone outside safely, Four boys and three girls formed a bucket brigade and courageously put out the fire, before too much damage was done. After the smoke cleared, the fire was estimated to have done $100.00 damage to the school. Mr. G. Bjornson repaired the damage at the school, from the fire, and classes resumed as usual.

Here for your information is a list of most all the teachers who taught the Lilydale School District No. 1285:

Louis Hessiing 1905
Vivian H. Durdew 1906
Louise C. Anderson I 906
Dorothy K. Lysoe 1907
Agnew McLemmand 1908
Annie McDonald 1908
Alice S. Price 1908-1909
Mabel I. Leslie 1910-1912
Mary I. Harper 1912-1913
Helen M. Hedley 1913- 1916
Margaret Young 1917
Stella Stevenson 1917- 1918
Ruth E. Oberg 1918
B. Larter l919
Lavina Morgan 1920
Ella M. Jackson 1921
Jennie Moore 1921
Margaret Polson 1922
Handel Gealy 1922
Leah Sorritch 1923
Thelma L. Coleman 1924
Leah Sorritch 1924-1925
Mary Gryniuk 1925-1928
Alice Henrietta Clouston 1928-1930
Edith Elizabeth Bonner l9J0- 19.12
Hannah Laurine Glover 1932- 1933
Tina Semenko 1933-1934
Verna Helen Gunter 1934-193’7
Lorna Leslie Duxbury 1937- 1938
Anne Justine Kopack 1938-1940
Margaret M.L. Pollock 1940-1941
Demeter Lysack 1941-1942
Sophie Gerylo 1942-1945
Mr. Stanley Dudek 1945-1946
Fred Klym 1947
Irene Boyko 194’7 -1948
Miss Helen Yurkewich 1948-1949
Miss Eileen Stetman 1949-1950
Mr. P. Mikolayinko 1950
Mabel Belle Smithers 1951
Meroslava Beck 195 l-1953
Kathleen Rose Litkowick 1953-1954
Laura J. Thorarinson 1954-1956
Elizabeth Phyllis Anderson 1956- 1957
Miss Christine Chubey 1957- 1958
Janet L. Sararas 1958- 1959
Irene Lobodowsky 1959- 1960
Victoria Tachinski 1960-1961
Albert Stamler 196l-1963
Helen Sum 1963-1964
Jean Ann Smerchanski 1964-1966

submitted by slh

The School District of Mapleton No. 5 was formed by the Protestant Section of the Board of Education on the 3rd day of July 1871. The boundaries were readjusted by the Board on Nov. 3, 1886 to consist of the following lands: in the munc. of St. Andrews: Lots 1 to 25 both inclusive, and, the inner and outer 2 miles in the Parish of St. Clements.

Children located on the east side of the Red River attended school at Mapleton and had to cross by boat and/or a make-shift ferry system during the summer months and walk the ice in winter. When the ice neared the danger point in spring, it has been reported that many walked across having to jump from one piece of ice to another. Then when it started to really break up, the east side kids stayed home. In the late fall and early winter it was a reverse procedure, and the children were cut off from their schooling until the ice was frozen enough to walk on, Once again, some attempted walking on ice that
was too thin and many accidents happened.

By 1893, St. Clements Munc. was paying $60.00 relevies and by 1896 the Mapleton boundary was readjusted again when a new school district was formed out of portions of Mapleton, North St. Andrews, Ashfield and East Selkirk. The petitions were presented by J. Mowatt and others and St. Clements Munc. appointed Alexander Butler Rowley as their Arbitrator.

From an earlier ferry agreement signed and a bylaw No. 130 (Sept. 5, 1896) in the spring of 1898, St. Clements agreed to pay half the costs toward equipping and running a ferry across the Red River near the Mapleton School, providing the Munc. of St. Andrews would share on a 50-50 basis. There was quite a controversy
over the site of Ferry No. 3 but it was soon resolved by a Committee from both Councils and the Ferry was soon transporting children back and forth. As the population increased on the east side river lots, the ferry was so overcrowded that many of the children tumbled of and got a dunking. Parents were quite frantic duding the years when Mapleton and St. Andrews schools were overcrowded to the point of overflowing.

Then in 1899 there was much agitation for schools all along the east side of the Red River. During that summer petitions were being presented to Council and Arbitration
hearings were being held as to the division of Mapleton School.

The Reeve of St. Clements munc. (Robt. Hay) spoke strongly in favor of granting the petitions. He thought the time had come for a separation of the two sides of the river in school matters.

Doing this now, he felt would probably lead to a reorganization of all the
school districts on the Red River. The Arbitration hearings were in favor of the split and within a few months of one another the Gonor, Kitchener and Donald School Districts were formed early in 1900. The Gonor School in particular was overcrowded on the first day of school, while Kitchener didn’t even have a building to move into and had to use the St. Clements Council Chamber for a year or so, free of charge, of course.
I mention this only to stress the point of how many children had been crossing the river into the Munc. of St. Andrews to attend school. Gonor alone had about 130 children and the building wasn’t even finished when they moved in. It was only one room, so you can imagine the overcrowding.

This was the end of our involvement with Mapleton S.D. No. 5 except there was always friendly relationships and sport competitions between the two sides of the river, not to mention concerts and dances. St. Clements children still walked the ice in winter and boated in summer to enjoy outings and social events with their west bank friends. And we are all back together as a School Division under order-in-council No. 224161. Effective April 1, 1967, when the Lord Selkirk School Division No. 11 formed. The Red River was never a barrier or a boundary between us, but rather just another highway to

A lot of St. Clements people watched with interest when the 1912 Mapleton School was being built, and some viewed the specifications that were on display at F. Pook’s Hardware Store in Selkirk. Some of our residents even bid on the old school when it was put up for sale toward the end of July, 1912, before the new one was finished.

The Mapleton School has been written up in the St. Andrews Book “Beyond the Cates of Lower Fort Garry”, and you should refer there for the story relating to the school district.

For your interest and information we now would like to list the teachers who taught at Mapleton S.D. No. 5, we hope you enjoy the list, and can pick out the teachers
who taught you, if you went to this school.

Lizzie Fraser 1886-1 887
Arthur D. Price 1888-1889
Adam Ritchie 1889-1890
Garner Gahan 1891
Augueba Galloway 1891- 1892
Bertha Partington 1892-1894
E.B. Robertson 1894
W.F. Gover 1894-1895
W.T. Gavin 1896
W.S. Thellwood 1897
Marion H. Hislop 1897
Marion H. Hobman 1898-1900
Agnes Macpherson 1900
Gertrude Jones l90l
Jessie Tracy 1905
Jane Gregory 1905
Helen Fraser 1906-1908
Robert G. Halbert 1909
Nellie Taylor 1909-1910
Beatrice Beers 1910
Nellie H. George 1911
Marion Mclaren 1912-1913
Annie Thexton 1914
Marion Hooker 1915-l 916
Evelyn E. Maclean 1916
Doris Newton l917- l918
C.E. Chambers l918
Marion R. Tracey 1919
Vida Lloyd l9l9
G.G. Honner 1920
Bertha E. Rogan 1920-1921
Margaret Annie Shaw l92l-1925
Fannie Bell Atchison 1925-1926
William Rea 1926-1928
Frank L. Palmer 1928-1931
James Ernest MacKay 1931- 1932
James Elliot Crowe 1932- 1936
Kathleen Teresa King 1936- 1941
Margaret C. Stephen 1940-1941 (Sunrise Mapleton)
Elizabeth Gwendoline McKenzie (Substitute) l94l
Louise Cladys Greenham 1941-1943 (Sunrise)
Miss Edith Mary Br:uce 1942
Margaret Herborg Munson 1942-1943
Elizabeth Gwendoline McKenzie 1943 -1945
Elinor Mary Kartzmark 1943-1944 (Sunrise)
Kristin Smith 1944-1964 (1944-45 Sunrise)
Jean Mary Grusz 1945-1946 (Sunrise)
Irene Margaret Bisson 1946-1947
John Lord 1947-1948
Sydney Alexander Lecker 1948-1949
Margaret Anne Leslie 1949
Mrs. Annie Catherine James 1949-1950
Cecil D. Blais Davidson 1950
Evelyn Brandow 1950- 195 I
Myrtle Meireday 1950-195 1
Anne Kochie 1951-1955
Theresa marie Todd 1951-1952
Miss Violet Beck 1952-1953
Margaret Paterson I 953-1 954
Lena Allison 1955 1956
Tony Maksymyk 1955 1957
Helen Carnie 1955
Omar O. Lamb 1956
Hai old Leslie Patzer 1956-1960
Mrs. J. Hollingcr (sub) 1956-1957
Mrs. L. Bourk 1957 1959
lda M. Patterson 1959-1963
Lloyd Leftruk 1960- 1963
Patricia Curtis 1961 1963
Beatrice Magura 1963
Doreen Oliver I 963-1965
N.J. williamson 1963-1964
George Bush 1963- 1964
Patricia Derewianchuk 196,1-1966
William Kirbyson 1964’1965
Marilyn Taylor I 964-1966
Jane Susan Wheeler 1964-1965
Lynne Carswell 1965- 1966
A.E. Zieroth 1965- 1966
Edward Husack 1965- 1966
Doreen Oliver 1966

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