Ladywood School

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The school district of Ladywood was formed on the 18th day of Oct. 1888 by the Munc. of St. Clements. By March, 1892, correspondence was received from the trustees requesting Council to collect arrears of taxes (for school) by distress if necessary as funding was very badly needed. By May 3, 1892, Ladywood S.D. had been granted a payment of $100.00 and by June 7, 1892 another $50.00 was forwarded to them. In 1894, Council instructed the Sec. Treas. to pay the school districts whatever amount was due them by way of tax collections and such advances as the funds would permit. In 1895. towards the end of June, it is to be noted Ladywood only received $15.00.

Early in 1896, Councillor Shaw inquired how it was that there had been no reduction in the special school rates for Ladywood S.D. for 1895, although the amount levied was much lower than former years. The Sec. Treas. of St. Clements explained that the rate put on Ladywood S.D. in former years had not raised a sufficient amount asked for by the trustees, on account of there being so much land in the district that was not taxable.

The amount asked for in former years could not be collected without putting on an exorbitant rate and when they loud the levy somewhat lower than usual. they continued
the school rate in order to try and square the account. The same course is followed by all school districts. This was the only one that could be followed, as should a rate barely sufficient to raise the amount asked for be put on each district and the Munc. required to pay this amount in full, the Munc. very soon would be bankrupt. A larger proportion of Ladywood S.D. had been paid in 1895 than in any previous year and there had been no complaints. Councillor Shaw said the trustees of Ladywood had asked for about twice as much as they required and expected to get enough by this means at a lower rate of taxation.

The Reeve, Robert Hay, thought the Trustees of Ladywood were in the wrong, The next
regular meeting of Council (March 1896) the Ladywood S,D. requests were explained all or again.

In April of 1897, Councillor Beattie said he had been asked by the Ladywood group why amounts owing the S.D. had not been paid. The Reeve explained Council’s position stating “if the taxes could only be collected the Munc. would be only too glad to settle with the S.D.,,

The Sec. Treas. of St. Clements stated he had a memo from the Trustee’s of Ladywood demanding immediate payment of the balance owing the district. Of course, it was impossible to comply with the demand under present circumstances, but the general tax of the district for 1896 had been paid in full as usual. The Ladywood Trustees had been frequently informed that all taxes (Special Tax) would be paid Oder as collected or it such was really required, an “advance” would be made if funds allowed.

Councillor Beattie was satisfied with this explanation and added his own opinion “that the school should not be open at this season of the year” (April).

On Nov. 2, 189’7 the Ladywood School requested a grant to aid them in building a new School to replace the one destroyed by fire. Then followed a controversy over George E. Howard’s report of how many days the Ladywood School was open during 1897. This misunderstanding was not cleared up until Nov. 1898.

Then, another rather heated argument arose in early 1899, when Anton Schreyer and others petitioned for the formation of the Victoria S.D. and E. Hoffman and others wanted to form Green Bay S.D..

After much discussion, it was decided to let Green Bay form but hold off on Victoria, because it interfered with Ladywood.

The Ladywood School was transferred from St. Clements to the Brokenhead Munc. in 1900 and no doubt they have completed a history about same within their book entitled “They stopped at a Good Place”.

However, we will record a few boundary changes for the sake of record: The Ladywood S.D. was readjusted from time to time making the district consist of at Jan. l, 1928 of the following lands: Sec. 6, 7, W I /2 of 8, W ½ of 16, all of 17, 18, 19, S ll2 of 20, SW It4 of 21, arfi SW I /4 of 30 in rp. 14-8E, also Sec. l, E I /2 of 2, NE I /4 of 10, all of ll,12, 13,14, E I l2 of 15, SW tt4of22,E I l2 of and SW I /4 of 23, all of 24, S 1/2 of 25, SW 1/4
of 26, all in tp. 14-7E.

Brokenhead Munc. passed another bylaw (No. 1092) on Dec. 12, 1944, detaching some land from Ladywood and transferring same to the White Poplar S.D. No. plan Ladywoc 1968. on responsible interest John Oliver D.M.Mabel Annie U.A.Edward Agnes David Elizabeth Thos. Robert J. H. Thos. AmyWils< W. N.J.H.S.Wm. J.Gertrude J.W. Ivy Flo Clara Elsie M.Nicholaus Hugh Sophie Mrs. Laura Rose 1877. This was effective Jan. l, 1945, and involved the L.S. 12 and 13 of Sec. 14, NE 15, SE 22, SW and NE of 23, NW of 24, SW 25, and SE of 26, all in tp. 14-7E. On Oct. 17, 1941,lhe Brokenhead Munc. Detached more land from Ladywood (SW 1/4 of Sec. ll, in tp. 14- 7E) and added it to Sand Hill S.D. No. 1372. This change was in effect Jan. 1, 1948.

Under the March 13, 1951 bylaw No. 1226 of Brokenhead, the Ladywood S.D. No.555 boundaries were confirmed as being: Sec. 1, 12, 13, E l/2 of 2, NE l/4 of 10, SE l/4 and N ll2of 11, S 1/2 and N 1/4 and E 1/2andNW l/4ofSec. 14, SE l/4ol 15, SE I /4 of 23, E
1/2 and SW ll4 of 24, and SE 1/4 of 25 in tp. l4-7E. Sections 6,7, 17, 18, 19,20, and W I /2 of 8, W 1/2 of 16, SW of 2l in tp. l4-88, and SW 30-14-8E (Lots 8 and 9, plan 2809 in 30-14-8E).

All lands were transferred from the district and the Ladywood S.D. No. 555 was dissolved effective Jan. l, 1968. The Agassiz S.D. was declared by Minister’s order
on Dec. 21, 1967 and they accepted these lands and responsibility.

The school teachers since 1889 are listed here for your interest and might bring back a few memories.

John McTavish 1889-1 891
Oliver W. Thomas l89l – 1892
D.J. Hartley 1892-1893
M.E. Alldriu 1893-I895
Mabel Howard 1895
Annie Masters 1895
U.W. Thomas 1896
A.W. Thomas 1897
Edward Gilbert 1897
Agnes Frame 1898-1900
David Howarth 1900
Elizabeth Hodkin 1900
Thos. Macdonald 1901
Robert Fields l90l
J. Leslie 1905-1906
H. Powell 1905-1906
Thos. McDonald 1907-1909
Amy Wilson 1909-1910
W. Kolodzinski l9l0- 191I
N.H, Pilcha l9l I
J,L. Powell 1912
H.S. Kawecki l9l2-1913
S.D. Noldoezyk 1913
Wm. Jerowsky 1914-1916
J.A. Yatchu l9l6
Gertrude l. Shaw 1916- 1918
J.W. Yatchu 1917- l9l8
Ivy P. Heuson 1918
Flo Smith 1919-1920
clara M. smith 1919-1920
Elsie Wyrzykowski 1919
M.W. Nicholls 1920
Nicholaus John Stryk 1920-1949
Hugh Connolly 1920-1923
Sophie Cherry 1920-1921
Mrs. E.E. Connolly 192l-1922
Laura Chamberlain 1922-1923
Rose Stoller 1923-1924
W. Ross Donogh 1923-1924
Rose Silver 1924-1925
William Skidmoor 1924-1925
Josephine Griffen 1925 – 192’7
Robert Maclaren Keswick 1925-1926
Winnifred Dorcas Boughton 1926
Jane Wreford Chapple 1927 -1928
Rose Laurel Shline 1928
Olive Kohare 1928
Eleanor Marie Collisson 1928- 1929
OliYe Annie McLeod 1929- 1930
Edgar Burgess 1929-1932
Cladys Dobruzki 1930-1931
Mary Gryniuk l93l-1944
Thomas Patrick King 1935- 1936
Peter Tony Stefaniec 1936-1940
Leopold Ray L abossiere 1940-1941
Virden Gable l94l-1942
William Val Yacula 1942-1943
Effie Pauline Koroluk 1943-1944
walrer Charlie Malenchak 1944-1949
Louise Wiebe 1944-1945
Mary Holyk 1945-1946
Louise Helen Puhacz 1946-194’7
Joe Omichinski 1947
Sophie Horasko 1949- 1953
Steven Bahry 1950-1958
Clara Lorraine llchene 1953-1955
Miss Nellie Angeline Lapchinsky 1955-1956
Mrs. Nellie Angeline Greschuk 1956-1958
George R. Truba 1958-1959
Mrs. Marlene A. Truba 1958-1959
Olga Bilyk 1959-1960
Elsie Chorney 1960-1961
Mrs. Elsie Mosquin 1961- 1963
Cornelius R. Klassen 1963-1964
John Schoen 1964
Jean Panas 1965
Mary-Jane Stefansson 1965-1966

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