Hoey East and Hoey West, (near Libau)

s.D. NO.2173
submitted by Pat Goodman

ln 192’7, a petition signed by Jacob Jonasson, Einar Goodman, Hnat Slipecz, Alex Lefteruk and Philip Kippling, that a new district be formed of the following land: Lots 117-159 both inclusive in the Parish of St. Peters and Sec. whole and fractional25, 26, 36, in tp. 14′ 5E, and 1, 2, 10, ll,12, 14, 15,22, and 23 in tp. 15-5, and Sec. 6, in tp. l6-6E. The suitable school site would be on NWI /4 of Sec. 2-15-58.

There were 16 children of school age on these lands and the nearest schoolhouse was 6 miles from the site. The proposed name of Dunlop School was not accepted as
there was another school with that name. instead the name Hoey was chosen. This proposed new school district would also take in lands already situated in the Arnhold S.D. and the Libau S.D.

On Oct. 4, 1927, it was passed by Council in the R.M. of St. Clements that this school district be formed and called the Hoey School District, this was signed by Reeve M. Horanski and the Sec. Treas. Thos. Bunn.

On Nov. 14, 1,92’7, ar 3 pm. a public meeting was called at the home of Jacob Jonasson for the purpose of electing three trustees for the Hoey S.D. The first trustees
being Jacob Jonasson, Einar Goodman, and Alex Lefteruk.

The Hoey S.D. for 1928 had an assessment of approximately $31,000.00. The total amount of tax collected in 1926 amounted to $839.30 and about 50070 of this would be for school taxes. The audited reported for the year 1928 was as follows, 200 teaching days from Jan. 2 1928-Dec. 21, 1928, Expenditure Est.: Teachers salary $850.00, Furnishings and repairs $100.00, and Sundry Expenses $ 150.00, with a total of $ I 100.00.

Est. Revenue: Legislative Crant, .75q per teaching day=9156.66, General School Tax, $3.60 per teaching day, = 9726.66, and Special District Tax, $230.00, with a total of $l 100.00.

In Nov. 1930 a petition signed by M.J. Chyboorak and nineteen other ratepayers read “We, the undersigned, are hereby making this petition for a new school site”. In 1934 the school was moved to River Lot 22. and a small addition was made to accommodate the growing population.

In 1934, the boundaries were changed and now included River Lots 160-l6l and the N1/2 of Sec. 24 in tp. 14-5.

In April of this same year, a deputation of ratepayers met with Council requesting a new district be formed from parts of Hoey, Patapun and Brookside. They were told by Council it was not possible, financially, at this time as only 10-1590 of the taxes had been paid for the previous l0 years. lt was suggested this matter might be settled by Arbitration, made up of one Arbitrator from each district and one from the Dept. of Educ.

The Hoey West School and all the pupils, Mt. McNeit, leached, 1946 In the school year 1940-41, the running of this School District was taken over by an Official Trustee, Mr. A.
Tomlinson. The last local school board consisted of Mrs. Wm. Lefteruk as Sec. Treas, and trustees: Einar Goodman and John Lefteruk
In Sept. 1944, the Hoey S.D. operated with two teachers as it had an enrollment of 55 children. Construction of a new school on NWI /4 36-14-5E (Mike Kosack property) was begun for use in 1945, this being called the East Hoey.

The original Hoey School was moved to River Lot 146, and became known as West Hoey. Both of these school operated under the direction of the Official Trustee until consolidation into the S.D. of Happy Thought in Jan. 1960.

Points of interest of East Hoey: In 1945, there were 13 children in Grades I to 8. The teachers yearly salary was $1100. ln 1960 at consolidation, there were 8 children from Grade 1 to 8 with the teachers yearly salary of $2800.

The average attendance at this school between 1945 to1960 was 14 pupils.

The school year 1956-57 saw the school closed 5 days because of storms or roads being impassable.

Points of interest of West Hoey: During the school year 1940-41, the teachers yearly salary was $650. There were 48 children from Grades I to 5 taught by one teacher. The school inspector was Mr. H. Connolly. At time of consolidation in 1960, the teachers yearly salary was $3300, teaching 25 children from Grade 1 to 8. The average attendance between the years 1940 to 1960 was 38 pupils per year with the highest attendance of 58 pupils in 1941, and the lowest attendance of 23 pupils in 1956. The school was closed by the Health Officer, Feb. l0- 21, 1947, because of a measles epidemic. 1948-49 was a bad year for weather, the school was closed 6 days because of snowstorms and 4 days because rain made roads impassable.

We now will list the teachers of Hoey East and West, starting with East Hoey:

Arthur W. Palrick 1927- 1928
Raphael Marion Sundt 1928-1929
John Victor Wilkinson 1929-1930
RobertMcllroy I930-1932
Chrisline Mae Oliver 1932-1935
Willian Norval Donald 1935- 193?
SigurdurThorberg Sigurdson 1937-1939
Gordon R. Fines 1939-1940
Kelvin Henry Turner 1940 l94l
Machael Mark Zegalski l94l
Cornelius Bergen 1942
Daniel Frederick McNeill 1912-19M
Frances H. Novak 1944 1945
Mrs. Sophie Gerylo 1945 1949
Miss Verna Bzovy 1949-1950
Miss Dora Ann Dueck 1950-1951
Rosalie Veronica Trachuk 1951 1952
Mrs. Louise Jones 1952-1953
Cladys Freda Skabar 1953-1954
Lawrence Wm. Strick 1954-1955
Roderick James Dunning 1955-1956
DonaldLeftruk 1956-1957
Margaret Skavinski 1957 1958
GloriaLedschowski 1958-1959
Alda Johnson 1959 1960
Hoe,r West Teachers:
MalildaMaier 1944-1946
Evelyn l,/targaret O’Deil 1946-1947
N’lary J. Edeline Kondratuk 1948,1949
Donald G. Korba 1949-1s50
Mr. Nob.rs Matsubara 1950- l95l
MarSarel A. Young l95l
N,tiss Anne Jeane Grywinski 1952
Ralph Stanley Trombo 1952 1953
CecilE.M. Hopko 1953-1954
SrephanieMolilowski 195,{-1959
Patricia Kins 1960

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