Site 09: Selkirk Generating Station

The Selkirk Generating Station was built by the Roblin Government to respond to increasing power needs in the 1960s. It continues to operate just east of Selkirk Bridge.


The Selkirk Generating Station was constructed in answer to the rapidly growing power needs of Southern Manitoba. Officials estimated that, over the next 15 years from its opening, there would be a 250 percent increase in demand for electricity.


At a cost of 28 million dollars in 1960, the station was a sizeable accomplishment. Its official opening on October 19 brought Premier Duff Roblin out to push a button and start up the first segment of the plant.


A celebratory dinner was held after the on-site formalities. Around 150 dignitaries and officials gathered to mark the occasion. A few came from overseas in Britain. Selkirk’s mayor, Ben Massey, and St. Clements reeve, Max Dubas, thanked the project developers for their service to their community.


Roblin offered remarks with his characteristic visionary flavour. He saw power as a hallmark of “industrial, economic, and indeed, social progress”. These were running themes in his program.


He also affirmed that the new generating station would be an homage to Manitobans, both past and present, who had contributed to the spread of access to electricity in the province.