Ian Reid Interview


Dr. Ian Reid was a doctor, waterskier, wood carver, choir singer and active community member in Selkirk, Manitoba. He was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1931 and spent most of his adult life in Selkirk. He was married to Ruth and father to two sons and a daughter. Dr. Reid passed away on January 12, 2014.

Claire McCaffrey interviewed him in the summer of 2012. Below is part of the interview.

Elders are an important link between the past and the present. Their stories give unique and valuable insight into the life of a community.

In 2011, St. Clements Heritage Committee launched an Oral History project, aimed to capture the stories of elders in the community. The heritage committee first developed a plan; a list of interview topics, interview tips and training, and a list of about forty people to interview.

Summer student Claire McCaffrey interviewed six people over the summers of 2012 and 2013: Dr. Ian Reid, Cliff Stevens, Jim Kidd, Steve Rapko, Ruth Christie and Bill Shead.

We also have many interviews from previous years to be transcribed. Many thanks to the Historic Resources Branch of Manitoba for a grant that helped fund this project.

We are working towards sharing these interviews with you in the future.

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