Brookside School

Brookside School District No. 1546 was established on October 19, 1910.

The school was completed in August 1911 on SE ¼ 29-14-6E, and classes began in January 1912. In 1915, it was classified as a bilingual school, operating in Ruthenian (Ukrainian) and English. After changes to the education legislation in 1916, it operated as a unilingual English school.

An addition to the school was built in 1929 to accommodate increased enrolment. In December 1941, the school was badly damaged by fire. Space was rented from nearby homeowners, Metro and Anne Samagalski, and classes for 29 students were held in their house from January to June 1942. The new school opened in September 1942.

In July 1965, residents in the Brookside School District signed a petition to dissolve it and consolidate with Happy Thought School District No. 1452. The petition was approved. Brookside School District officially closed on January 1, 1966 and classes continued in the school until June 1966. Students were bussed to East Selkirk beginning in September 1966. The school was later sold and moved to a nearby farm.

Libau Area School Reunion Committee 2017

The Reunion Committee gratefully acknowledges funding for this marker received from the RM of St. Clements Council, its Heritage Committee, and Home Hardware Building Centre, Selkirk.

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