Libau and Area Schools Reunion

On Saturday, July 15, over 250 former students of eight Libau-area country schools met for a reunion: Libau West, Libau East, Sheffield, Poplar Park, Brookside, Hoey West, Hoey East, and Arnhold. The schools dated from 1888 to 1967.

The reunion was held at South Beach Casino at the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation. Many people there hadn’t seen each other for over 70 years. One of the legacies of the reunion is a history book.

REUNION BOOK PROJECT (We invite you to contribute your materials.)

We invite you to send us your written stories and old school photos. An edited compilation of this material will form part of a REUNION BOOK that we are preparing. So please send us your contributions, and please pass on this request to former classmates and teachers.

E-mail your grade-school days stories to us at in a WORD document. And attach a scan (at 600 DPI) of any old school photos or documents you may have. Or, if you prefer to mail your stories and photos, send them to: Sylvia Sweetland Box 7
R.R. #2, Winnipeg, MB.
R3C 2E6.

Photos will be returned to you. Copies of the book will be available at cost when completed later this year.

Some Suggested Topics for Students and Teachers:

Here are some topic suggestions. But please feel free to write and submit memories/stories on any topics you want.

  • Which of the schools (Libau East, Libau West, Sheffield, Poplar Park, Hoey East, Hoey West, Brookside, Arnhold) did you attend or teach at and for what grades and years?
  • How did you get to and from school? Any interesting or unusual experiences along the way?
  • What memorable activities and incidents happened during recess and lunch hours?
  • What indoor and outdoor games were played at school?
  • Any memories of particularly funny incidents, practical jokes, scary incidents?
  • Any memories about features of the school building and schoolyard (wood stove, outhouse, other)?
  • Any recollections about school caretaker and his/her duties, or did students and teachers do the caretaking?
  • Any memories about incidents of schoolyard bullying or fighting?
  • Did you go on any memorable field trips?
  • Any memories about school picnics, Christmas concerts, school plays, Valentine’s day, dances, other?
  • Any comments on how students learned in multi-grade schools – from teacher, older students, correspondence courses in school, other?
  • Any memorable class learning experiences – when teachers or other students went above and beyond?
  • Any memories of school visitors: school inspector, others?
  • If you experienced it as a student, what was it like to have a teacher boarding at your place? A teacher as a relative?
  • Did you attend high school after these your grade school? Where? Did you have to live with others to access high school?
  • Any memorable thoughts about the transition from grade school to high school?
    What do you see as the main benefits and disadvantages from attending/teaching at a rural multi-grade school?

And a Few More Topics For Teachers, Particularly:

  • What or who got you interested in teaching?
  • What certification/preparation did you have for your teaching role (Teaching Permit, Normal School, other)? Did you feel that you received adequate training?
  • What was it like to teach multi-grade classes?
  • What was it like to board at a place where some of your student(s) lived, and to teach these students? Any comments about what it was like to teach your relatives as students?
  • As you look back, what are your strongest memories about your country school teaching experience?

Please E-Mail stories and photos to or mail to Sylvia Sweetland Box 7, R.R. #2, Winnipeg, MB. R3C 2E6. We want to include your contributions in the Reunion Book, so send them to us as soon as possible!

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