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anvil: a block of stone used to shape other materials through striking archeology: the study of ancient cultures, especially by the excavation and analysis of physical remains archeologist: a person who studies archaeology artifacts: objects made by human hands – tools, vessels, pipes Assiniboine: Tribal name for a group of First Nations people atlatl: a…

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Historical Thinking

At the end of 12 years of studying history in school, students should have more than an accumulation of memorized dates and facts. Students need to understand their lives in the historical context of the past. Historical Thinking fosters a new approach to history education. It involves a shift in the teaching and learning of…

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Research Resources for St. Peters Church Article

Compiled by Donna G. Sutherland, Historian This collection of sources consists of book titles, newspaper articles, web links, and primarily source material related to the history of St. Peter’s Church (St. Clements). The information is to be used as resource tools for students for research purposes. Books A Celebration of Red River Peoples (St. Andrews:…

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Teacher Created Projects

Project 1 Grade 5 The First Inhabitants and After the European Settlement Created by Tom Flight, Grade Five teacher, St. Andrews School, St. Andrews, Manitoba Lord Selkirk School Division Overview: These lessons focus on the content available from the St. Clements Heritage website. Information and materials are presented in PowerPoint slides with activities promoting historical…

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Use of Materials/Copyright

We encourage the use of resources, lessons, and information from our website, but we ask that you credit St. Clements Heritage for the ideas and materials, by listing our name and our website URL  ( Fair use of resources does NOT include posting of HTP power points, videos, or other resources on other sites. Use…

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Local History Teaching Aids Packages

immigration hall East Selkirk, MB

LHTA 2 – Eastern European Immigration

This pack discusses the arrival of immigrants from Eastern Europe starting in the 1890s and the settlements they founded or augmented. Each LHTA pack includes a lesson outline, PowerPoint, and reference text.

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PowerPoint Presentations

Grades 2-4

Grades 4-6