Colonizing, Converting, Creating

By: Jared Laberge St. Clements Heritage Advisory Committee – 08/18/05   St. Peter’s Church, Dynevor, is a distinctive monument not only in St. Clements, but in all of Canada. Built in 1853 in East Selkirk, Manitoba, it is one of the oldest stone churches on the prairies. The major significance of this historical building is…

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St. Judes Anglican Church Grand Marais

By: Betty Linkloter Two acres of land were given for a cemetery and Church, one acre by George Rupert and one by Alex Knott. Grandma Marie Knott, Alex Knott’s mother, was the first one buried in the cemetery. Tommy Knott and Alfie Thomas were the witnesses of the gift. The church was built in 1896….

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St. Peters Church (article 2)

ST. PETER’S CHURCH St. Peter’s Church, Dynevor, one of the oldest stone churches on the prairies, stands three miles north of East Selkirk at the mouth of Cook’s Creek. The site of the oldest Indian mission in Western Canada, the church was the only Indian church among the seventeen parishes of the Red River Settlement….

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St. Peters Church, Dynevor

Researched and written by Donna G. Sutherland, Historian Where is the church of St. Peter, Dynevor? The Church of St. Peter, Dynevor stands on the east bank of Red River, three miles north of East Selkirk, at the mouth of Cook’s Creek in the rural municipality of St. Clements. It is the second oldest stone…

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Greek Orthodox

St. Michaels Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church

By: M. Furdyk With the advent of the immigrants into Canada, the Ukrainian settlers of East Selkirk wanted a Ukrainian Church. During the months of Oct. l-Dec. l, 1914, a church was built across from the Happy Thought School. It was called the Ukrainian Apostolic Catholic Church of St. Michael. Bishop Paul (Markevich) was the…

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St. Nicholas Orthodox Church of Narol

By: Helen Doherty The Church was built in the year 1911 on land that was donated by Roman and Anna Bilyk. In January of 1912 Church records of births, marriages and deaths began. The first trustees of the parish, originally known as the Russian Greek Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas were His Eminence, Platon (Rozhdestvensky), Archbishop…

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St. Nicholas Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church Gonor (1904-1982)

By: Alexander Powluk The history of the St. Nicholas Parish commences with the year 1896-1897 when immigrants from Bukowina settled in the Gonor district. In reviewing the history it is interesting to note that the Gonor district was already established by a Jesuit Missionary, called Father de Gonnor, who through his efforts, assisted la Verendrye,…

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The Ashfield Gospel Hall

THE ASHFIELD GOSPEL HALL The origins of Ash field Gospel Hall began long before it was built in the early 1940’s. Even prior to 1920, about a dozen families from around Gonor, Lockport, and St. Andrews first started worshipping together as “Christians gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ”. They held services on…

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MacKenzie Presbyterian Church

By: Steve and Rose Rapko Mrs. Mary MacKenzie was born in Glenrinnes, Dufftown, Banffshire, Scotland August 4, 1861. She met and married Rev. Ewan MacKenzie at the age of 25. Rev. MacKenzie had been given a charge in Nova Scotia and Mrs. MacKenzie followed shortly after. They later spent some time in New Brunswick, Oak…

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The History of Mackenzie Presbyterian

History of Mackenzie Presbyterian Church The year 2000 marks the seventieth anniversary of Mackenzie Presbyterian Church. Construction of the light wood frame building was completed in 1930. The Church was built by a Winnipeg construction company on its present property, slightly north of where it currently stands. A new foundation was poured and the Church…

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Roman Catholic

Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church

By: Betty Romano As early as before the turn of the twentieth century, around 1890, a large influx of Ukrainian settlers were emigrating to Canada which led to the establishment of Ukrainian Catholic parishes. Being people of great love for their homeland and great faith in God, soon led them to worship in homes and later…

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St Stanislaus Roman Catholic Church

By: Father Corl Tarnopolski In the village and district of East Selkirk, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Stanislaus has been very visibly present and making an enriching contribution to the life of the municipality for almost seventy-five years. The history of this Church is the history of the congregation which has gathered under its…

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St Theresa Church In Walkleyburg

By: Helen Yokimas In these changing times “Churches” are going by way of “The Little Red School”. St. Theresa Church is another one. In the early 1900’s up to 1930’s, Walkeyburg had many families, the majority of them were Catholics. In the 1930’s, Father D’Eschambault from St. Stanislaus Parish in East Selkirk, came to serve…

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The Corpus Christi Church

By: Mrs. G. Perchotte The history of Corpus Christi began over 75 years ago with just eight families in 1907, when it was founded and it has now grown to more than 100 families of different ethnic backgrounds. Corpus Christi (Body of Christ) is situated at 5819 Henderson Hwy., Narol. The following story of this…

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Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Although the Ukrainian settlement in East Selkirk had its beginning in 1898, it did not get any spiritual guidance until several years later. It was not until 1904 when they had their religious gathering in the home of Mike Adams. This was their first Holy Mass, which was celebrated by Reverend Kryzanowski, a priest of the Basilian…

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