St. Andrews Lock & Dam

Overview of the St. Andrews Lock & Dam

A brief look at one of the most significant landmarks in the area, the St. Andrews Lock & Dam. This document showcases the history, construction, and present use of the locks and how it continues to attract many tourists and fishermen all year round.

St. Andrews Lock & Dam Centennial Festival

This fantastic local landmark celebrated 100 years of operation in 2010 and this pdf shows the events and activities that took place at the festival held in Lockport. Click the arrow to view this document in a new page on your browser.

Cox House

Cox House

Built in 1862 by Robert Cox, Cox House is one of only two surviving Red River frame style houses in Manitoba still on its original site. Red River frame was an architectural style where walls were formed by slipping short logs cut with protruding tongues into vertical logs that had channels cut down their length….

Birds Hill & Red River Floodway

Birds Hill & The Red River Floodway

Birds Hill and the Red River floodway may not be historic sites, but they serve as great contributions to our area and have helped shape it into what it is today. Click the arrow below to view this document in a new page on your browser.